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Any news of an upgrade for the 70-200 f/4?


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Some things to consider:

 - There have been no rumours about a new 70-200 f/4 yet.

 - Have you considered the Tamron 70-180 f/2.8? It's about as light as the Sony f/4 and just as expensive. It is a stop faster, sharper and has better macro magnification, and much smaller during transport. Cons: no OSS, marginally smaller zoom range and external zoom.

 - The 70-200 f/4 is designed in such a way that it breaks in half when subjected to impact loads. There's a lot of debate about this design because the repair costs of a broken lens are about 40% of a new lens, yet had this design not been implemented the lens might have been totally busted. But given the amount of reported cases of snapped lenses, the breakpoint may be designed too weak.

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