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Can't Shoot the Moon!

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This could be due to several factors.

Is the camera on a tripod or hand-held?  If not, use a tripod.

What shutter speed are you using?  Try using a faster one.

Are you using auto-focus or manual.  Whichever, try the other.

What f-stop are you using?  Wide open?  Stop down.

Try taking a picture during the day of a distant object like a building a mile away.  Is it in focus?

What camera and lens are you using -- and at what settings?

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Sometimes the moon comes out as a blurry orb because of moisture in the atmosphere.

My best results have come with manual focus and an aperture of between f/8 -F16. Try auto exposure, then increase or or decrease using the exposure compensation, or going manual - follow XKAES advice.

I've found I get best definition of the moon's features just before or after full moon - as the sun is casting shadows on the crater walls.

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