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Remote Control with cell phone/tablet


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I've been trying to find an App for remote control for Sony alpha camera with cell phone or tablet. And not  a stupid one, but an  intelligent  one with control of every  detail  like when  using  the camera manually. That  seems  to work with "Play Memories Remote" for Windows-PC, but  the  software  obviously  is   not  available  for  Android-devices. If that's the case,  it would  be really  ridiculous for  a company  like Sony in the  year  2021. Is  it possible today  that a 1000- Euro device  can  not be  controlled by  smart  phones?  Did I make a mistake  or  does  anyone know  better?

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22 hours ago, Haitech said:


The official app has changed name to Imaging Edge Mobile. You will find it here:


You might also want to check out the video in this link:





Thanks  for  the  links. All of that confirms my impression that Sony is not able to provide state of  the  art  remote controls  for  its  devices.

The  video says  right  at  the beginning that  Sonys Imaging Edge Software is lousy and buggy. 

I tried Sonys  Imaging Edge Software and it  is not a remote  control but a stupid replacement of the shutter button. Nothing can be controlled (shutter-speed,ISO,....). And to rely on third parties or hackers is  unacceptable for expensive devices like cameras.



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