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"Professional" Reviews

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Having joined in conversations on this site, and making a number of gaffs bases on what I have read in books, magazines and on-line. I have a couple of observations that might help people in a similar position to me.

1. Reviews tend to Not tell you the date of the review (particularly on-line) As fellow contributors to this forum have pointed out, technology pushes on, so a lens (for instance) that was top-of-the-range when reviewed may have dropped down by the time you are reading it.

It would be great if, when a piece of kit is upgraded or superseded, if reviewers could show how the older version was graded at the time, and how it would be graded against the new version.

2. A lot of reviewers compare the kit with that of another system - This may be of interest to professionals with numerous systems and of passing interest to others, but it is frustrating to people who have a Sony system to hear a lens being compared to the Canon or Nikon equivalent - that's irreverent to most of us!

3. Does anyone understand or care about the technical stuff, like how many elements in how many groups there are in a lens? I like to know how things work but what I want from a review is how well it works.

Anyway - enough of a rant, I'm off to take some photos!

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Professional reviews are, in some ways, better than lay reviews, but in my opinion they are all "like a box of chocolates".

Sometimes you can tell a "Pro's" bias right away, and they often focus on features or facts that don't mean much to anybody except them.

I don't mind cross-brand comparisons, but sometimes apples get compared to oranges -- and they oftentimes don't care about a shutterbug's wallet.

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