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Trade in - new personal trinity of lenses

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Having bought myself an A7Rii and loving the upgrade from my A mount gear I found my A mount bodies sitting around doing nothing so I decided to trade these in with a couple of lenses I found I was not using.

So the story goes on - the upshot is that I've now got a strange "trinity" that suits my purposes nicely:

Laowa 15mm  f/2 manual prime (I always seem to switch to manual focus when taking wide landscapes, architecture or night skies)

Sony 70 - 105mm  f/4 G (Most general and landscape shots I take mid aperture)

Sony 100-400 GM (longer reach for wildlife)

And I've still got money in hand from these trades! (Very surprised how much I got for 1.4x A mount teleconverter and L-EA4 adapter)

Long live the reputable 2nd hand dealers!

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Nice lens I'm sure. 

When I'm "stuck" with a single AF lens, I opt for a Promaster 24-200mm or Tamron 28-300mm -- depending on if I think I might need more width or reach. 

When I'm "stuck" with a single MANUAL FOCUS lens, I opt for a Vivitar 28-210mm -- not a bad compromise at all.

Weight is not usually the factor, but sometimes I can only bring one camera and one lens -- and maybe a flash (usually a Vivitar 283 BLOWTORCH).

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The advantages and disadvantages are pretty well-know, but in a one-lens-only situation, the all-in-one lenses come to the rescue.

They are typically larger -- at least when fully extended -- but they have to be because they have longer local lengths.

They typically have slower maximum apertures for the same reason.

They typically cost more and weigh more.

And they will never beat a prime lens for quality, but I normally don't use a prime when I'm in a one-lens-only situation.  When that happens I pull out my Canon QL GIII with a 40mm f1.7 -- it works even when the battery is dead!

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