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Anyone have some advice on my best options for getting "hands free" long exposure (Bulb mode) shots on my A6000 please?

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Hi, very much a newbie to photography, but I am keen to try my hand at some long exposure shots with my A6000 and have bought some ND filters to do some experiments.

Operating the camera manually requires you to keep your finger on the shutter button for the entire length of the (bulb mode) shot - which seems a recipe for camera shake. 

I have a Google Pixel (android) phone and from all my attempts so far (using imaging edge on the phone and "smart remote embedded" on the camera) it is impossible to select bulb mode - the app always sets the exposure to 30 seconds.

What I am ideally hoping for is the ability to press a (virtual) shutter button once to start the exposure and press it again to end the exposure.

I must admit I am surprised that this can't actually be done on the camera itself (i.e. press button to start and then press again to end exposure).

Any help gratefully received.

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What you are asking for is a "T" setting which is found on many older cameras and shutters, but not on newer gear.  Another example of "two steps forward, one step back".

Some modern cameras accomplish this in several ways, such as a locking cable release, a locking remote-control release, or software settings.  Some of these are sold by the manufacturer or other companies.  In the case of most Sony cameras, earlier Minolta shutter release can be used.  I use a 30 year old, 15 foot long, Minolta Maxxum cable release on my Sony DSLR which has a locking feature and can be purchased for pennies nowadays.

A couple are mentioned above, but I suspect the best place to start is your owner's manual.

One BIG problem with long exposures on new cameras can be the battery -- but that is a different discussion.  Yet another example of "two steps forward, one step back".

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12 hours ago, thebeardedgroundsman said:

A good solid tripod and remote shutter release that can lock the shutter open.

I use  the cheap and cheerful "Fotga rm-vs1" shutter release.

Thanks, I have gone for the cheaper and (hopefully) also cheerful Remote Shutter Release Control RM-VPR1 at £8.99 on eBay - it seems to also have the shutter lock which is what I am after.


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