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Sony a7 III, DJI RSC2 and IBIS

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    • By Aldowski
      Previous years, Sony made numbers of good or better sensors for smartphones, which is of course, huge market, great environment for R&D to implement science to end products, where the number of customers is (almost) unlimited.
      Bought one phone with the Sony IMX586, more than a year ago, phone has fast CPU as well, using it only as camera.
      The sensor itself is complex, it's visible that it is created for specific use, it can provide different resolutions (pixels are "teaming"), also , it has technology inside to create HDR in the box.
      Most impressive was the video, which (especially when the central processor is fast enough) looking really smooth, stabilized.
      But, the ability of creating RAW images, to have very precise manual focus, to see "live" ISO numbers adapting itself to the environment light all the time (all of that and much more, using specific applications), simply confirms that massive production of sensors for smartphones is not just interesting or / and profitable, but it is technologically going very fast (result) as well and; it is not just taking camera (less DSLR or more mirrorless) sensors experiences as it was - one direction, years ago, but now it is two directions exchange of the technical innovations.
      Some photo results are spectacular, as focusing is performed using laser tech, very, very fast and precise. Again, massive production of those smartphones makes the quantity which develops to quality and those advantages will be (and are) implemented, of course, to the mirrorless cameras (which are not in massive use, number of potential customers is limited).
      Again, amazing (and sometimes even scary) results, from the box.
    • By Jess679
      My Sony a5100 dims significantly only when I’m recording to the point where I can barely see the screen. I never had this issue before and I am just looking for answers to my issue.
    • By Tushar Gawade
      this accessory is not supported by the device and cannot be used. please verify the compatibility with the device

    • By BlueBomberTurbo
      Event season is starting to pick up finally, so I have some extra $$$ to spend to expand my gear.  My photo side is pretty well fleshed out for my needs at this point, so I've been looking to expand the video side.  Already have wireless mics and off-camera LED panels from some on-tripod static videos I've been shooting (reviews/testimonials), but nothing for movement yet.  Been looking at a DJI Mini 2 or an equivalently priced gimbal (wide selection I need to narrow down).  Wondering which I should go for first. 
      Real estate jobs seem pretty cut and dry:  camera photos on the ground, drone photos in the air, and drone video everywhere else, so I was considering getting the drone first.  I've already figured out hacks to substantially improve the DJI Mini 2's RAW images, so there's no issue on that end when lining up against my A7 III's IQ for real estate level IQ.  Weddings pay more for video work, but in return, also take up much more time, and are mostly run and gun/spur of the moment for gimbal use. 
      Both would require extra batteries and factoring in time to learn, both in handling and shooting.  AFAIK, I'd have to pay for a drone operator license once I was ready to use the drone for pro work, but recreational/practice use doesn't require one.  And in the end, I'll end up owning both in the future, as that will expand my usefulness to clients even more than just one.  Just wondering how people who own one or both are doing pro-wise. 
    • By ferrerzulu
      Hello everyone, 
      I want to buy a Sony Alpha, but I need it to have no recording limit, because on several occasions I will need to record a live concert without having any computer nearby.
      Could you help me to identify which Sony Alpha models have no recording limit (from a6 to all a7 models)?
      Thank you very much in advance,
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