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Issue: RAW uploading as JPEG in Capture One

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I am shooting RAW only images on a Sony a6000. My work is mostly creative self portrait and I fear the remote trigger Imaging Edge Mobile does something that blocks RAW files.

What I'm noticing is any image captured through the Imaging Edge Mobile uploads as JPEG only.  The images I capture behind the lens all upload as RAW.

Do you happen to know if there is a better app for triggering the capture on a Sony a6000.

Or am I moving back to the iphone? ?

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found cause of original issue
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I have been trying the Imaging Edge Mobile app with the Sony a7ii camera that I have just bought, and it does as you say, when I shoot still photos from the cell phone (it does not allow me to trigger videos), it sends a 2 mp jpg to the phone, and the image recorded in the camera is a “Fine” jpg quality one, although I have my camera set up to shoot only raw.

The app allows me to compensate the exposure if the camera is set in a mode not being Manual, and to shoot with a 2 seconds delay.

All being considered, I would think that the app was conceived as to be mainly used for recreational purposes. It might be useful if mounting the camera on a tripod, joining a group of friends in front of it, checking the composition and making sure that all the group fits in the screen. Then, to compensate the exposure if necessary, trigger the photo, hide the phone in a pocket (for which action one has 2 seconds if set for shooting with delay), and be photographed while everybody is laughing and having a great time (I am being sarcastic here). Afterwards, one can send the photo to other friends or upload it to Facebook, Instagram, or the like.

It has obviously not been conceived for shooting as if it were tethered (via wifi). A pity. It would have been useful enough for serious shooting if the app would have at least allowed to record in the camera as raw (or jpg at its best quality for those who shoot jpg).

I think I have tried all the apps that are being offered on Google Play that were supposedly created for the purpose. Except for one, I could not manage to have them connect to the camera. The only one that I managed to have it establish a connection with the camera, offered even less capabilities than Sony’s app. I also tried an app that promised to allow shooting tethered Sony cameras via a USB connection (I tried it with my tablet), but I couldn’t establish a connection.

Not that the Sony app is bad, it serves a purpose, but to shoot raw away from the camera and/or not touching it, it seems I’ll have to keep using my RMT-DSLR1 remote control.

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