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It Started with a Baby Brownie


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And if you are old enough to remember Baby Brownies you may also remember WW II rationing.  Anyway, the Baby Brownie was my first camera.  I learned to develop and print the film and that started a long downhill slide into cameraland.  I have worked my way through roll film cameras, 35mm cameras and am now into digital which is a great improvement as I can tweak the "negative" in post processing and not have to fuss with chemicals and spend hours staggering around a dark room lit with red lights.  And the technology has improved by an order of magnitude.

I have a few digital cameras and am currently using the A7M II and moving on to an A7M III.  The 72 is currently telling me "Camera Error.  Turn power off then on."  And then it tells me this again.  I am not pleased and have switched batteries, SD cards, and lenses to no avail.  Does anyone know the cure?

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I can't help you with your problem, but you unintentionally make a great point.  Sure these digital cameras have certain advantages, but they have one big drawback -- they are all electronic marvels.  Your old inexpensive Brownie is probably still working today.  Our "current" crop of expensive gizmos are completely worthless without functioning batteries and computer chips.  Your Brownie will still be working 100 years from now -- most of our expensive digital marvels won't make it past 100 months!

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