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Sony a6500 stops recording

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Hello! I have problem with my a6500 ;(
On some video shoots i encountered random recording stops.
When it happens - after few or several seconds camera just stops recording and shows Memory Recall screen.
I did factory reset, SD cards are new, or i do format them before every use (Sandisc Extreme). Latest firmware.  

pls help!

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I have this problem on two A6500s. On different memory cards and batteries. I suspect a problem with the lenses, stabilization, or with the charger - this year I bought a newell dual charger, maybe it has an impact on the problem with the batteries.

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The internal battery is probably the problem. I have been charging the batteries in an external charger for a long time and the problem has almost always appeared. After charging the battery inside the camera with the usb cable, the problem is fixed. I left the camera connected for 24 hours.

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