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Will Sony release (for A7R4) Multi Image High Res and High Dynamic range firmware and in eye tracking focus for birds?

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I recently sold my G9 camera that I used for wildlife and moved to the Sony System for several reasons like larger sensor and dynamic range and... But, two areas where Sony seem to be behind the Panasonic G9 are in, in camera multiple image high res and high dynamic range imaging, and in tracking and focusing on bird's eye.  In fact, the animal tracking for BIF, IMHO, seem markedly less competent than my former G9 system.  I would hope Sony corrects these deficits by a release of a firmware update for the existing A7R4 camera.  Of course someone may say why don't you get the new A1 Sony with all these great features.   Simply, why should one be pushed to spend $6K plus for a camera when the $3.5k camera should have better internal focus and composite making capability than my former $1.5K, three 3 year old design, G9 had?  The A7R4 is a wonderful camera, but it still has some serious downside that much less expensive cameras, and older generation cameras, have done away with.


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