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A77ii For infrared filter photography

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I would like to know if the alpha a77ii camera can be used for infrared filter pictures. I have tried the Hoya 72 and an 850 nm filters. Cannot get false color with the 720 and with the 850 there seems to be a bit of noise. I like the idea of getting involved with infrared but I am at a loss by virtue of the fact I had an a100 that took very good infrared pictures.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Thanks, Gary K.

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Infrared is great, but MOST digital cameras have an IR filter over the sensor.  There are ways to remove it with some digital cameras, but it's a rabbit hole.  Many people have tried many appoaches to get around it.

My advice?  If you are serious about IR work, get an older -- AKA, NON-digital -- FILM camera

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