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Is my A6500 setup safe?

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Hey guys, first time posting.

I recently upgraded my A6500 rig and finally bought a V-mount battery, along with a D-Tap FW50 dummy battery. However I've heard endless rumours and stories of people frying their gear so I just wanted to be safe.

I have 3 questions

  1. The INDI PRO D-Tap FW50 dummy battery doesn't fit perfectly into the battery slot and will fall out unless I force the lid closed. Is this damaging to the cable?

  2. The dummy battery is labelled as "Regulated" on the box but then directly beneath it says "WARNING: This cable is unregulated" What's the situation here?

  3. My NEEWER V-mount battery rattles when I shake it, this definitely seems concerning although since it was a cheap Amazon battery I wasn't sure. Regardless should I get a refund?

Please see Imgur link for details, thank you.


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I don't know about these particular items but, in other fields of safety, the terms vague terms "regulated" and "unregulated" ring alarm bells. In Britain these terms don't mean a thing unless accompanied by the appropriate British Standards "Kitemark" or European EN number. The CE mark is part of European standards but could just be for the materials used rather than the safety of the unit as a whole,I believe, (but don't quote me on this.)

I don't know is the US or other places have similar standards.

The fact that things don't fit properly also rings alarm bells.

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