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Does anyone know the diameter for the lens hood for the Minolta MD 35mm shift. It has two front threads an inner 55mm filter thread and an outer thread for the hood. I thought it was 67mm after measuring but trying a couple of step rings the 67 is too big, 62 is too small? 

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My guess is that it is exactly the same as the Minolta 40-80mm zoom -- which had a 55mm filter thread and a 62mm lens shade thread.  However, there were three (or four, depending on how you look at it) versions of the Minolta 35mm SHIFT lens.  I doubt that the filter and/or lens shade thread sizes changed in any of the versions -- but anything is possible.

For more information about Minolta's great lenses check:


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Please note that you cannot use a regular 35mm lens shade on the 35mm shift lens -- because the lens shifts.  You need an extra-wide shade -- that is what Minolta provided.

A regular 35mm shade will work if you don't shift it, but it will cut off the edges of the image if shifted.

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There are no standard sizes between 62mm and 67mm, so I suggest something is wrong.  Pehaps the filter thread is dented or obstructed.

If you are able to figure out the problem, do not just use a 62mm or 67mm lens shade.  You need to test it to make sure it works at full tilt.

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