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Only hearing right channel through headphones in Sony A7 III

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Hi there,

My Sony A7iii is only outputting the right channel throw the headphones, however, the audio meter shows levels in both channels and the clips come out in stereo. Any idea on what the problem could be and how to fix it?



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    • By Sony-G-Man
      Hello! I was hoping I could get some advice about my Sony A7r lll. I bought it a couple weeks ago and I am concerned there may be something wrong with it. It is a certified refurbished unit and it only had 1 picture taken according to the shutter count.
      QUESTION 1
      I shoot RAW (ARW) & JPG simultaneously and I am noticing a lot of bright random colored pixels in all my RAW images, but not in my JPG images. I would assume this is just noise from using higher ISO (about 4000-5000 ISO) but I would think I should see the same thing in my JPG images. I have attached some comparisons. You will notice that the ARW images look darker, more saturated, and they have terrible noise, accompanied with random colored pixels. 
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      I also feel and hear something moving in my camera body if I slightly shake the camera. Is this just a byproduct of having in-body image stabilization?
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      I was shooting some video today and I noticed subtle horizontal banding in my display and the recorded video (seen in the last image/screenshot circled in red). The banding travels upwards. Settings are listed below..
      File Format: XAVC S HD Record Setting: 30p 50m - Changing this didn't help Silent Shooting: Off - Changing this didn't help e-Front Curtain Shutter: On - Changing this didn't help Anti-flicker Shoot - Changing this didn't help  
      This one is especially odd since I have shot both photo and video in the same conditions previously, with no issues. Now I cant do anything to get rid of this banding. This happens in auto for photo mode and video mode. I suspect I may have changed a setting somewhere without realizing it, which is causing this problem.
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      I tried using a dummy battery to power my A7ii for a variety of uses, but whenever I switch from my regular battery to the dummy battery and vice versa, I am prompted to set the date and time.
      I have 2 regular batteries and switching between them is completely normal.
      Dummy Battery: it asks for 5V 2A or more.
      I have tried my USB power bank, and my wall charger. both have the camera fully functioning, but both have it reset date and time.
      The USB power bank outputs 5V 3A, 9V 2A, or 15V 1.2A. the wall charger outputs 5V 3A or 9V 2A.
      Anyone have this issue or know what the problem might be? i have tried searching for others who have had this problem but i can only find 1 person in the reviews for this product who have experienced the same thing. would a 5V 2A charger maybe work better than the 5V 3A?
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