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Saving settings / Remote control / HDMI clean output

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I’m new to this forum and first used the search option to go through several topics to find my answer.

I’m using the Sony A6400 (with a SIGMA 16 mm F1.4 DC DN lens.

The camera is mounted behind a teleprompter so not reals accessible form the back side.

The camera is connected via HDMI to a Atem Mini Pro.

The Power for the camera is provide by a dummy battery connected to the 230 V power adapter.


Every evening I’m Turing off the Power from the socket so the adapter and camera doesn’t have any power anymore.

The camera is set to: the movie Icon


And every mooring I’m moving my self in all different angles to change the following settings again:

-          ISO is set to : Auto

-          Shutter: 1/50

-          Lightning I’m raising that to + 1.3

-          In the menu, I’m changing the HDMI output to display a clean (with out menu etc.)


And as said every morning I need to make those setting again.

It it not a bog problem If I could reach the camera easy from the back, but that isn’t the case.

Is there a (better) way to make all those setting and/or to save the settings so I can re-use them again.


I was also looking for a way, to remote control those settings, but with the Imaging Edge Mobile, the settings to change are limited.


Can some one please help me out to make my setup working in the best way?


Thanks upfront.



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The internal battery that retains all the memory settings is only charged when a genuine Sony battery is used. So I suspect this is why you are losing your settings, the internal battery no longer has a charge.

You could leave the power connected and set the Auto power save to put the camera to sleep instead of turning it off.

https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1810/v1/en/contents/TP0002264717.html?search=Power off

Alternatively write your settings to the card and recall them in the morning from the card.


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Thank you for helping me out.
I turned of the camera with the ON/OFF button and now the settings are saved.

When I'm now powering down the complete power socket and leave the power ON/OFF button ON and Turn on the Power Socket again. I 'm using the saved settings.


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