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Subject: Focus Tracking (Animal Detection) with the A7R4 Camera

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My A7R4 is used to shoot birds and wildlife. Typically is is set on "Animal" Continuous AF. But when I go to the menu that shows the focus settings and Tracking, the Tracking function is not operative and I cannot seem to make it operative. Menu 1.5.  If I switch to the Subject Detection, Human, then the tracking function seems to be working.  Is there some other setting that I need to set to enable Tracking with the Animal?  And if not, why would this limitation be built into this fine camera?  Finally, if there is no direct way to do this (Tracking Animal), is there a work around  that will enable me to track birds and animals while shooting?

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Thanks for responding.  So, my A7R4 will only track a human and not an animal?  Or, will it track an animal only if it remains in Human setting, not animal?    This is an important question for me since most of my shooting with the A7R4 s of animals and especially birds both stationary and in flight.  My success rate with BIF using the A7R4 and the 100-400 GM Lens, has NOT been very good.  I did much better with my former system, the Panasonic G9 with 100-400mm Pana lens.  Given my poor success rate with the Sony system, I wonder if my settings on the A7R4 are incorrect for BIF.  Should I not use the Animal setting?  Should I use a larger focus area and not the focus tracking setting?  Should I use shutter focus, not Back button focus?

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Mark Galer who is a Sony Artisan has a good book on the A7RIV as well as several you tube videos on how to to set up your camera. Take a look at these. They should help you with your situation with tracking. All can be found for free on the web. 

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