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A7rII and Canon flash

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    • Not a lot of difference between the R3 and R4 besides the added MP and the resulting detail. An ISO range of a camera doesn't show how noisy its sensor is. There is a big difference in the last 6 years from the R1 to the R4. Sony increased the resolution while simultaneously decreasing the noise at high ISO. This was once thought of as a trade off. I want that new tech in the APS-C sensor. I always shoot in raw but looking at the a6000 menu there is an option when shooting JPEGs to do
    • Hope soon to move over to Sony from Canon at the moment I use CF cards along side SD cards in the 7D MK II but what would/do you use in your Sony A9? Obviously you need a big card to take what I assume would be a lot more images at 20 FPS RAW (if you hold the shutter down) I don't go over 64GB on a card as I would rather change that card for a new just in case anything larger has a problem and you loose everything (never had a card fail but you never no) I also take it that you would need the UH
    • Ciao a tutti, ho avuto in regalo una datata sony a330 e sto iniziando a prenderci confidenza. Buona luce a tutti
    • That's interesting, haven't seen the Samyang before. Would you say it's much different from the Zeiss 55mm in terms of image quality and performance / worth the price difference?
    • ISO-range of A7Riii and A7Riv are the same (100 - 32000), as is the dynamic range: https://www.sonyalpharumors.com/sony-a7riv-versus-a7riii-dynamic-range/ Even though I like the absolute sharpness and detail when I pixel-peep my photo's, it hardly serves a practical purpose. It's like the whole 4k - 6k - 8k discussion in video-world. Yes you'll see the difference if you're sitting at half a meter from your 65" TV, but who does that except the guy who just bought a new TV? What wou
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