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I can’t change aperture on Sony A600

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I’ve bought two different lenses, and had the same issue. First I bought a cannon lens adapter, and a Yongnuo YN50mm F1.8, and then I went onto buy a Sony compatible lense called the Meike 35mm F1.7. When I try to to change the aperture with the AEL button, it pops up a tab saying  “This operation or setting not available as follows”. When I try to use the dial on top, the f stop stays blank, and does not change. With the Meike lense, there is an aperture ring, which allows me to control how much light comes in but I can’t see any difference I’m the depth of field? I’m frustrated and confused and help helps!

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With most third party lenses the aperture and focus must be set at the lens. Compatible does not necessarily mean the camera can control the lens. If the lens supports autofocus the camera might be able to control the aperture, too.

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The Meike 35mm F/1.7 is a fully manual 'dumb' lens, meaning it won't communicate with your camera. All settings have to be set manually and your camera won't know what aperture value or focus distance you set on the lens, and consequently won't show an aperture value on the screen. All your camera knows is the light exposure of the sensor, and it will set shutter speed and ISO accordingly for correct exposure.

All in all, working as intended.

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