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a7iii to FE 200-600mm lens rotational looseness

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I purchased the FE 200-600mm lens for my a7iii and am experiencing rotational looseness when the lens is mounted to the camera.  The lens can literally be turned about 1/16th of an inch.  Is this normal and will it get worse with wear?

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First, it could be the camera OR the lens.

Do you have other lenses?  Do they also "wobble"?

You are talking about a 1mm movement.

All of my lenses move "a little" when on any of my cameras -- film or digital.

The digital cameras have electrical contacts that are 3mm wide -- more or less.  That's to make sure that the contacts are OK, despite a little movement.

Is it better, worse, or the same with other cameras or lenses?  Do a small experiment and let us know -- but a 1mm "shift" does not sound "bad" to me.


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Tested it with the 28 to 75 mm lens that came with the camera, no movement.  I have been getting quality images but, concerned.  On my Sony Broadcast video cameras, never any movement.  New to the photo side of things. 


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If the 200-600 shows no movement on the video cameras, that would suggest the A7iii camera has the "problem".

If the 28-70 shows no movement on the A7iii camera, that would suggest the 200-600 lens has the "problem".

I'd suggest that the "problem" is normal, minor, variance between that particular lens and that particular camera.

I have lots of cameras and lots of lenses -- and some combinations are slightly tighter than others, and some are slightly looser.

If your results are good, just keep an eye on it -- and find something else to worry about.


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Interesting question. I wonder how many readers are now checking their lenses?

I have. As XKAES says, some combinations are slightly looser or tighter than others. No problem optically or with focussing etc.

One of mine (Sigma 170-500mm) is actually slightly loose at between the lens mount and the lens itself. I think a slight tightening of the screws is in order, but I need to get the appropriate screw driver. I think it is a Japanese one I need.

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Good point.  It is easy to check to determine if the lens mount on the camera or lens is loose, but that's never happened to me -- but I've never been struck by lightning, either!

But the fact that the camera is fine with other lenses, and the lens is fine with other cameras, suggests that it is a MINOR, mating-incompatibility, NON-issue.

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