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file missing after battery died during filming [a7S III]

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Hey everyone,

I was filming a concert (a7S III 4k All-I 10bit) and after about 30 minutes of a continuous take I saw the battery is about to die,

I stopped the recording and took out the battery immediately without thinking about giving the camera time to save the file.

I popped in a new battery and resumed shooting quickly.


When I looked at the SD card for the files I noticed that the file of the long 30 minutes take doesnt exist, and all I got was the take I filmed after replacing the battery.

Its also weird for me that the files numbering is correct and sequential, meaning it looks like the file just disappeared when I took out the battery and the camera just replaced it when I resumed shooting.


Did this happen to anyone? Or has any idea what to do with this?

I'm currently running a file recovery program (testdisk/photorec) to try and see if there's any data anywhere else on the card.




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