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I have the Digital filter app installed on my A7. When I do trial shots in my backyard which has a vertical fence, I notice that the combined in camera image has vertical ghosting of the vertical fence palings- as if there was some slight camera movement between shots. It is mounted on a heavy Manfrotto tripod with Steady Shot disabled and a 2 sec timer.

Anyone else find this? If that is a common abheration then I'm afraid digital ND grads are a no go.



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Although I haven't noticed this on my A7II yet, on my old Alpha 77 I took multiple 30 sec images of star-trails with the steady shot disabled. When I came to assemble the the star trail I found that, during the period of shooting (a few hours) the trail had jumped sideways by a pixel or two a handful of times, and then returned to the original position some time later. It was clear that, on those occasions, the Steady Shot had actually moved slightly between shots and stayed there for a few frames. This made using automatic star-trail assembly software a problem, and I was forced to align the layers manually in photoshop. Quite a job!

You may be seeing a similar effect.

regards - Peter



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