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What is the Best all around lens for Sony FE A7II

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I have the Sony FE A7II and I am hoping to get some recommendations for a good quality, but not super expensive, very sharp all around lens for shooting a variety of things.  Birds, flowers, bees, stills, animals, people, and some scenery.  I already have spent a lot on a Sony 100-400 GM (which I managed to find used/like new) and a new 1.4 X Teleconverter, which are amazing to say the least, but heavy and bulky for packing on trips on my motorcycle.  So, I am looking for my "next best GO-TO all around favorite lighter lens" that is more compact, that will give me clear, sharp and amazing shots on the go! I look forward to any and all feedback.  BTW, I am not a pro just an enthusiast, and I'm rather new to photography.  I just want to have good gear so that I can't blame my lack of skill on the equipment! lol.  Thank you in advance!

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Assuming you want a good quality, versatile zoom lens, some considerations:

 - Sony 24-105 F/4 G: versatile zoom range, fairly bulky, smaller aperture, $1400

 - Tamron 28-75 F/2.8 Di III RXD: fairly small, large aperture, maybe lacking a bit in wide angle possibilities, $880

 - Sigma 28-70 F/2.8 DG DN: even a bit smaller than the Tamron, large aperture, limited zoom range, available soon for about the same as the Tamron

 - Sigma 24-70 F2.8 DG DN: optically the best lens of the bunch but also fairly bulky, $1100

Optically all these lenses are very good and the difference is in the margins (one is sharper in the center, one in the corner, one in the middle of the zoom range while the other at the extreme ends of the range).

Image from left to right are the lenses in order mentioned above.

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