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Sony A7R V rumours?

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Why would you want a hypothetical A7RV and what would it hypothetically have that the A7RIV doesn't? My guess is that the A7RV will only be an incremental upgrade over the A7RIV and that it will use the same 61MP sensor, just like the A7RII and A7RIII shared the same 42MP sensor.

There's been no official word or credible rumour on an A7RV yet so my second guess would be that it's at least a year from now.

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The a7R V is close to two years old at this point, and the reason I’m not jumping at the R iV is due to the small, but impactful changes like the new EV, new articulating touchscreen, new menu system, new processor etc. 

If the next a7R had everything the exact same from the R iV, except these changes, it’s still a decent update. No need for a new sensor. 

the above, coupled with rumours from Sept last year make me hopeful it’s coming sooner than later. Last thing I want to do is go out and buy the R iV, only to have the R V come out a few months later. Hence my question. 


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I highly doubt the A7Rv will have a fully articulating screen: all stills-oriented camera's, the high-end A9ii and A1 included, have the upward/downward tilting screen. Some prefer this, some don't. No way to satisfy all.

The EVF, image processor and shutter assembly will likely be improved so expect a higher frame rate and slightly improved AF-tracking at a couple $100 more. I think the A7Riv is still a good investment even if the A7Rv were right around the corner. Unless you really need these new features.

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I think the A7rV  and A7iV(which will come first) will inherit the minor body/evf/Stabilization/focus of the A7Siii and A1. 4k60 for both. S-Cinetone. I'll go out on a limb and say the A7RIV will boost huge megapixels (maybe 100) and be a pure resolution camera for stills. The A1 will be an all rounder for stills, sports, and video. A9 series, high speed shutter, A7R series-Resolution, A7 series general all rounder pro level, A&S series video emphasis. With what Sony currently has, there is no real reason to offer an A7R camera unless it's super resolution. I say keeping the 61 mp will be too redundant for marketing purposes if Canon's 100 MP camera rumor is true.

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It's interesting to read the speculation today, given we know what happened.

The A7IV did indeed come out before the A7RV

The A7RV came out with a rear screen that satisfied the waist level shooters who wanted tilt and the others who wanted flip-out, and even gave us the ability to fold the screen inwards for people like me who want to avoid nose-prints on the rear screen.

And the hoped-for 100Mp did not appear. Oh, well, we can repeat these speculations, just putting in A7RVI, right?

I am surprised no one suggested 96Mpixel, given that's 24Mpixel x 4 - would mean images exactly 12000 x 8000, which are lovely round numbers.

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