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Greetings from Pennsylvania USA

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Hello from northeastern Pennsylvania, USA.  My A7II arrived yesterday. In the past few years I have been hanging classic glass via adapters on my Olympus EP5.  Traded in a shelf of 20th century film cameras to make the move to the A7II.  Looking forward to IBIS with full frame. Right now just getting to know the camera.   Best wishes to all.  John

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Welsome to the group.

I like my "old glass" as well.  I mean OLD glass.  Not REALLY old.  I mean 1960-1990 glass.

CHEAP nowadays. 

I use it all on my a850 -- as well as my "old cameras".  I mean OLD cameras.  Not REALLY old.  I mean 1960-1990 cameras.

CHEAP nowadays. 

I'm repeating myself.

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grsnovi, One county east of them, and close enough to take weekend rides out Route 6 to all three of those towns, great shopping and eating in Honesdale and Hawley one of our favorite antique shops is in White Mills.

XKAES, Sounds like we have similar taste in glass, I held back my favorite M39, M42, FD and Nikon lenses, and traded in the film rangefinders, SLR's and lenses that I had not touched in a couple of years.   On the film side I shoot and process B&W and C41 with my Canon 7S, F1, and 620, Nikon FM, and Mamiya/Sekor DTL's.  The immediate gratification of digital is seductive, so I tended to gravitate to the lenses adapted to M43.  Rarely if ever print anything, mostly send output to digital frames placed around the house.

 A predicted seventy degrees today here, so everything else can wait while we go outside and enjoy the unusual weather.  Today's walk-around kit will be an M39 Canon 50MM F1.4 on the A7II.  I predict the lenses will not be the only thing adapting to the Sony today. Enjoy



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Hello and thanks, The weekend allowed me to learn some more about the camera.  Camera is performing well, I did some customization of the function menu to get the Steadyshot adjustment out there for when I change focal length on adapter lenses. 

The reviewers were not kidding when they said battery life is short.  I have it in airplane mode until I figure out networking it to my phone.  Single shot AF, when the Sony 28-70 is attached.  I figure to watch some tutorials of customization's and features to learn a bit more as time allows.  No rush, I am enjoying the new tool.

So NYC,  you never lack for things to make great photos in NYC.  I grew up a long time ago atop the cliffs just across the Hudson, (specifically just across from the 79th Street Boat Basin), and in those days a 15 cent bus ticket got us across the river to Manhattan. I left the area for work in the mid 70's, and after a bit of travel have not found a greater city. 

Best wishes




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