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Spring is in the air

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The Spring birds are starting to arrive, and I have to get my gear ready for taking pictures.  This always has its challenges.

First, I've got to get everything I need, and then I have to dust it off, and then I need to test it.

One of the challenges is that the birds show up in the early morning and it can be very cold here -- BATTERY PROBLEMS!!!

I've got three cameras -- each with a remote control.

I've got three lenses: a Sigma 500mm APO f7.2, a Yashica 500mm f8 CAT, and a Tokina 650mm f8.5 CAT.

I've got to get up early and set these up quickly -- on tripods -- and pre-focus everything as these are manual-focusing lenses.

The cameras control the exposure, and I control when they fire.

I have my fingers crossed.

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