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This conversation started in the topic about whether to use filters or not.

Where I thought my Minolta 500mm reflex could not take screw on filters, I was informed it could. I investigated furthether to find that the lens hood I thought was integral could indeed be removed to reveal an 82mm diameter thread. I've now bought myself a UV filter to protect the lens and have found my Firecrest filter system fits as well (for polarising and creative filters).

To move forward... as Xykes says, I also believe this lens (or the Sony branded identical lens) to be the only Autofocus reflex lens ever produced.

I love it, although it has a fixed aperture of f/8 and some people find "doughnutting" a problem with this type of lens. 

It is the lightest lens in my kit, so I am happy to keep it in my bag, whereas my other 500mm lens tends to get left behind unless I am specifiacally going out after wildlife or the moon.

I also find I can use it hand held for wildlife - not needing my monopod so much.

Here are a couple of pics I have taken with it.



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