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Switch to a full frame Sony

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Hello Everyone!

I have a Sony A6500, and I would like to go to the next level. So I want to switch to a full frame Sony, which is good for videos and photos too and have a good autofocus system and good in low lights. Which model should I buy, which is not too expensive, but good enough for years? There are a few on the market, but I can't decide, which one is good for these mentioned priorities. Can somebody offer me good one? ?


Thank you for the answers!

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I guess you're looking for e-mount so you can use your current lenses? The crunch specification you give is "not too expensive". 

New, the Alpha 7 series full frame cameras start at £1000 with the A 7 II (body only). 

I have not used one, but the specs appear to good for HD Video, 24 MP stills and good AF. 

I think low light capability is partly related to the quality of your lenses, partly related to how well the software deals with noise  and then the quality of the sensor.

Hopefully users of different A7 models can give you more insight.

A couple of points from my experience of moving up to Full frame. I needed to upgrade my wide angle lenses because the APS-C lenses cropped out the corners of photos. Secondly, used gear from reputable camera shops or specialists like MPB can be very good value, allowing you to add a quality lens or two for what you would pay new.

Good luck with your quest.

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