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a-mount 600mm lens help please.

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Really LONG A-mount (or E-mount) lenses can be hard to find and will be expensive, large and heavy -- whether zoom or fixed.

For really long work, you might want to look at non-A-mount lenses.  They are, of course, non-auto-focusing, but are easy to find and much less expensive.  They can be found in refractive or reflexive models up to 2000mm -- and you will need an adapter.

I have a Honeywell 1250mm f10 that I got for $100.

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Sigma and Tamron both do zooms that reach 600mm at around £1000 give or take £100 - significantly cheaper than a Sony lens. They generally receive good reviews from wildlife photographers.

Used, these can be picked up in good- excellent condition between £500 -£800, but don't come up very often, I guess people who have invested in this level of lens are less likely to up grade.

%00mm is much easier to find 2nd hand and new.

In Britain we have a number of excellent camera shops that sometimes get used BIG lenses in, or MPB who specialise in used equipment - I'm afraid it's a case of keep on browsing.

Personally, I use a Sigma 170-500mm APO if I specifically go looking for wildlife, or my Minolta 500mm mirror lens if I'm out in the countryside and might take landscapes or wildlife. (The mirror lens has a fixed aperture of f8 - but is my lightest lens, whereas my 170-500mm is my heaviest lens)

Have you thought of a 1.4x or 2x converter?

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