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Firmware new for A9 MkII

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Bien hecho Sony, esta solicitud fue un clamor y finalmente se hace, esta es la noticia:
"¡La actualización del firmware de Sony A7sIII agrega S-Cinetone!"
Ahora es necesario que se atienda la solicitud de que el A9II incluir foco en el ojo para pájaros, espero que lo haga pronto.

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I see that the firmware update 3.0 has finally been presented for the Sony A9 MkII, this is the link: https://www.sony.es/.../e-moun.../ilce- 9m2 / software / 00258099
   Does anyone know what this update is about? Has anyone installed it already? I'll update it tomorrow, but I'm looking forward to knowing what it is about ????????

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  • Adds the Crop function to allow you to crop a recorded still image
  • Adds the Forced File No. Reset option in the File/Folder Settings (still image) menu to allow you to reset the still image file number and create a new folder
  • Other improvements
    • It is improved the phenomenon that some functions are not registered correctly in the Function menu
    • Improves the overall stability of the camera
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Thank you very much LiveShotd for your answer, I already have it installed and the truth is that they are all minor and of little importance, for me in particular, today I called, again, the delegate of Sony Spain, to protest and let him know that what we are waiting for , it is a firmware that installs the focus algorithm to the eye for birds, which is already developed for the A1 and will not be difficult to adapt to the A9 MkII.

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