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A7iii Battery Charge Percentage

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My a850 probably uses a different battery, but the "dynamics" are probably the same.  It's a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack.

It states in the manual that when the light on the charger goes out, a "Normal charge is completed".  It goes on to states that one hour AFTER the led goes out, a "Full charge is completed".

It goes on to state that a "Normal charge" for a "fully depleted" battery takes 175 minutes.  A "Full charge" takes 235 minutes.

It does NOT state what percentage you will get from a "Normal charge".  I have to assume it is below 100%.

Why the LED goes out before a "Full charge" is completed is a puzzler to be, but maybe you should read the fine print in your manual.  It very well may say the same thing as my manual -- in small print with an asterisk.  Assuming that you have a relatively new battery, try charging it until the LED goes out.  Then check the percentage.  I bet it will be below 100%.  Then charge it for another hour and see what you get.

It may also be different if you are charging in the camera versus in a charger (my only option).

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    • Haven’t you tried using a program that would correct the barrel distortion of whichever lens you might choose to use or buy? There are many, but of the ones I know, I can recommend DXO Photolab, that corrects optical distortions of most lens suitable for Sony cameras and with which you can develop your raw files. I have checked with the version of the DxO Photolab I have, and (just as an example) it does include the profile for the Sigma 24-70mm F/2.8 lens mounted on a Sony AS. I think that buying a program that efficiently corrects optical distortions of lenses would be a cheaper option than buying a lens that would have no distortion at all (which is kind of impossible if thinking of a zoom lens).
    • Had the same problem but it wasn't the dummy. Mine FIRST started with the dummy but soon migrated to EVERY battery swapped out. Lived with that massive inconvenience for a year before I sent the camera in for repair of a wonkified menu system. Though there's no user swappable memory battery there must be an internal one that keeps a wee amount of power keeping things charged when the battery flatlines.
    • Hello, I do a lot of clothing photography (the clothes are laid flat and the camera is overhead facing the ground about 3.5-4 ft above) and I currently use a Sony A6000 with a sigma 16mm lens. It works pretty good. There is some barrel distortion which I guess is to be expected.  I am looking to upgrade to a FF (likely Sony AS iii) and I'm exploring lens choice. I'm considering the sigma 24mm-70mm F2.8 DG DN art lens because I'm hoping to buy one lens to not only satisfy my clothing photography needs, but also do portraits, video, ect. ect. Sigma also seems somewhat equivalent to the Sony G series and lot cheaper.  Would using a prime lens really be beneficial over a zoom one for my clothing photography? I'd like to avoid barrel distortion if possible but I'm also trying to avoid buying a bunch of costly equipment. Open to all ideas and advice. 
    • Olaf!!!!! I just did a test with my GH5 with 120fps and it has the same effect!! So i guess its the IKEA light 🙂 Tanks for your input again.  
    • Hi Olaf. Thanks for the input.  Its artificial light from IKEA 🙂   I just tested again and the effect is much more visible shooting in 60 or 120fps. By 24fps its moderate. But the footage would be unusable. I really don't know what to do. 
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