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Custom White balance not available in Memory Recall settings 1, 2 or 3

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Hi All, as a video shooter, I just discovered a super annoying issue with Custom White balance in Memory 1, 2 or 3... Once you dial everything in your camera, and you save it to one of those 3 memory banks, it's great that you can recall those settings by just rotating to one of those 3 numbers on the dial... and you CAN change your shutter speed, aperture, ISO, Picture profiles, Focus area etc... pretty much everything on the fly with the dials on your camera... EXCEPT you can't set a Custom White Balance??!!? You can change the white balance to a "Pre-set Setting", but no Custom White Balance? How is that OK? Why hasn't Sony updated this very important professional (REQUIRED) feature on any of their A7 lines? Or am I missing something?  

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Real issue, no answer...

I've found 2 workarounds for me, but none is really practical:
1/ Set a custom button to WB Lock, switch to Auto WB, aim at your grey card and press this button... Very little flexibility, no information of which WB you are in, and a great chance to forget to lock it, unlock it or unlock it by accident...
2/ Switch to video or photo mode, set your white balance on your grey card, register it to one of the custom slots, go back to the custom slot to read the value (on my A7III it's not written when you save it...), go back to your memory mode, switch WB to manual and enter the corresponding value...
This option is so tedious, it asks you to go back and forth in between modes and takes a lot of time...

To my knowledge, no other brand is making a problem with this basic function...

I keep on thinking that this is an error in the programming, this is out of any logic and someone had to program it in the firmware, blocking manually access to the auto set function while in memory mode -_-

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