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Sony FE 16-35mm F4 OSS Zeiss

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Hi   I bought this lense used a while ago. I have the first Sony A7  with the kitlense 28-70mm which is nice and sharp. And when I have used the 16-35 I always end up disapointed when I see the shootout on my pc..  The A7 has firmware version 3.20.  I know there's no use in micro adjust it since the function is only for adapters. Is there any fake lenses out there? I got this on Ebay from a guy in south Korea.  

Any others in here having the same issues with this lense?  

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I've noticed this in a review of the lense:

Image Stabilization (OSS) isn't critical for ultrawide lenses, but its nice to have.

It's not smart; it doesn't know when you're already on a tripod.

If you're on a tripod or resting on a table, turn it OFF otherwise it will blur images made with exposure times around one second!

Can this be the sinner?!...  I mainly shoot from tripod and have a shortcut to this on C3 but often I forget about it.. Here is a typical shot made from a steady table with the steady shot on. 


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