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Banding on photos with background screen video with silent shutter.

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Photographing with my "old" alpha 7RII a show in which there was a screen with a video projection in the background, I found the following problem: If I shoot with the shutter at over 50, I get a few streaks on the projection, but the funny thing is that it only does when the camera is set to silent shooting. If I turn off silent shutter mode, it no longer does ... Can anyone explain this strange behavior to me? I need to be able to take silent photos during the show and I need to shoot at high speeds ... any solution? Thank you so much.

with banding.jpg

whitout banding.jpg

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Thank you very much Olaf. I will have to look for a camera that has a high speed read progress with the electronic shutter. I can’t use the mechanic  shutter in live shows like ballet or classical music concerts ... I usually only do video, but sometimes some clients ask me to take pictures and I need to find the camera that solves this problem. Do you know any? ... could the Sony a9II be a good option?
Thank you very much.

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The readout speed of the silent shutter of the A9 is about 3 times as fast as any of the other Sony Alpha cameras (and pretty much any other fullframe camera available at this moment, Canon and Nikon included). This helps a lot in reducing flicker/striping and makes it pretty much the only fullframe camera available that can be used reliably with silent shutter. With the A9, only very high frequency lighting (like some LED billboards) will cause significant banding. Not exactly sure how this affects video but for photography it should fix most of your issues.

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Looks like the need to use mechanical shutter. More noise but fashion a sound blimp to cover the body. Shouldn't take much as any stage environmental audio should mask whatever the blimp doesn't catch. I assume it's tripod use so awkwardness of a blimp shouldn't be a factor.

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      From what I've read, Sony and others don't recommend having ON when shooting wide open with high shutter speeds.  Yes - you'll get those harsh Bokeh effects and maybe some uneven exposure artifacts.
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      Could it be heat from the card slot? I've not seen this is any other situation, but again don't typically underexpose so significantly. Anyone else seeing this?
      Attached are: default conversion & +100 shadows +2.14 exposure (Lightroom)
      Other details: compressed raw, silent shutter (so I've lost precision), burst to a single card, every shot in the burst has the same noise.

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