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A7sIII Auto Focus Issue (micro jitter)

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i am having strange focus issue with my brand new A7SIII. I didn't notice it until i used my slider. Close up shot with any prime lens create this micro focus jitter (don't how to name this issue). I tested my A7III and focus is butter smooth. This is visible on a big screen. So don't watch it on your phone.

This happens a lot using a slider or gimbal (close up shots). 

It is scaled to 300 to see the jitter better (lens 24mm 1.4)


Firmware: 1.02
XAVCS 4K 60P 4:2:2 10 Bit
Continues AF (Video mode Cine gamma 4)
AF transition speed : 4 (i also tried it with lower and higher values)
Af Subject Shift Sensitivity : 4 (i also tried it with lower and higher values)

I tried all the focus and speed value combinations but no change. I disabled the touch tracking, focus are (S,M,L and expended focus) and I reset the camera settings and no luck.
Lenses I tried :
Sony 50mm 1.4
Sony 24mm 1.4
Zeiss 55mm 1.8
Zess Batis 85mm 2.8

Recording or not recording doesn't matter so it is not a SD card issue (I use Sony v90 cards). 

A7III works perfect. If it looses focus, it catches it smoothly. A7SIII catches jumpy (regardless any setting). 
This also happens on eye tracking focus as well. 

I found two topics online about this. They didn't post a solution. I contacted Sony and waiting a call in a day or two.

If any one can test this, that will be super helpful.

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It's been 1.5 years since I encountered a similar glitch on the A6300 and A6400. Lens stabilization does not matter. Appears on different Sony autofocus lenses (16-50, 35, 50, 18-105 and others). It doesn't matter if the camera is on a 3-axis stabilizer or just on a tripod. Even movement in the frame doesn't matter. The problem appears even when the frame is static. I have always set the focus speed to the slowest setting for video. Resetting the camera does not help. 

I am afraid it is the obsolescence of the camera or a miscalculation of the engineers, capacitance sagging on the electronic board and as a consequence malfunction. I have found that even new glass out of the box behaves this way with these tubes.

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