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a7s ii jitter issue during tracking shot with Ronin-S

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I've been trouble-shooting for the last day to no avail!
There's some jitter in my footage but I can't tell if it's happening during capture or playback. 
It's a 4k ProRes clip shot at 30fps and the file is living on my internal drive. Upon playback, it starts off smooth but then starts to jitter. However when I scrub back and re-watch the section that jittered, it's not there anymore. But then it happens again somewhere else. That points to a playback issue on my computer but I have a new Macbook Pro (2019) with the AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB that should playback without a hitch? I shot the same tracking shot in HD and it seems to be doing the same thing during playback. 
Any thoughts? Kind of at a lose at this point :@ 
Thanks . 
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It depends on what program you’re using to view it, but it’s probably not defaulting to using that video card (unless you intentionally changed the setting). There are two video cards in a MBP, and most programs use the less powerful built-in Intel to save battery. 

if you’re running Big Sur, go to System Preferences > Battery > Power Adapter, and turn off ‘Automatic Graphics Switching’. 

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Output file direct from camera to TV to see if it's the same. If TV plays fine then it points to a computer playback issue.

Looks like you're using a gimbal for panning. Everything I've read is says IBIS should be turned off when on tripod or gimbal both for stills and video.

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