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Sony Alpha A550 blurry Live View

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Hi folks!

Hopefully you can give me some pointers on how to sort this out.

I went to use my camera the other day and saw the live view all blurry. Taking pictures and slideshow works as expected. 

Shops wants to charge $80 just to have a look at it, any ideas what might have happened here?

I've attached a couple of photos kf the live view blurry and the picture preview taken.

Thanks again!



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Silly idea I know, I'm no tech expert, but I see your battery has run out, have you tried a recharged battery?

Also, the view on the screen uses JPEG, is your JPEG set to high quality? (I see you shoot RAW, so your photos will turn out with all the info intact for post processing).

You also have your exposure compensation set high (although only 1 stop) so you may be overexposing?

How is your display brightness set? Auto, manual or sunny?

Hope you get it sorted!

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