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Can I Use Sony a37 As a Webcam?

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I suppose not. At least probably not using Sony’s Imaging Edge Webcam program. I had the same doubt in relation to my a7 and searching, I found this web page stating with which cameras does the program work: https://support.d-imaging.sony.co.jp/app/webcam/en/download/

Mine wasn’t in the list and I can’t see yours. You could give a try though, or maybe somebody has already done and knows for sure. Or maybe there is some other way.

There are limitations with older models of cameras I guess. For example, with mine, with Imaging Edge Desktop, I can shoot and control my camera from my computer, but I can’t see what the camera is seeing (for that, the only way is to connect my camera to a monitor via an HDMI cable). I suppose that older models (mine and yours included) are not able to transmit what seen by the camera via the USB connection.

I was in need of having a webcam for my son (for is school classes via internet because of the covid) and as I wasn’t able to buy one in my country (there were non left because of our quarantine), I solved it using my cell-phone for which I downloaded an app that allowed me to use it as a webcam.

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