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For used equipment I look at MPB, then various renowned camera shops like Wex, Park, London Camera Exchange and CameraJungle (Jessops) - assuming you live in Britain.

We gave my grand daughters an A 700 and an A 200 - both A-mount but costing around £150 in excellent condition, including kit lenses.  (My cameras are also A-mount which means they can use my lenses when we are out together.)

If your teenager is already keen, or you wish to share use of your E mount lenses, then an A7 makes a lot of sense.

Good luck hunting!

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Hi carney2,

here in Germany (I come from) we have "ebay-kleinanzeigen" dot "de", where people buy & sell gear and other stuff without extra "taxes". Also the seller often provides an possibility to come-by and try-out the gear, to get clear you (as a buyer) gets the product you see and touch for your money (instead of paying for some short description and single picture from the internet).

My question to you, does an teenager really needs an full-frame, which is heavy and bit overloaded by buttons? Because from the definition of your question, it is not the need of the teenager but an wish of you. Isn't it?

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