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Adapter for Leica L mount lenses

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Does anyone know, of an adapter, that would let me use  a Leica 24 - 90 L mount, on a Sony A7 series  E mount ?

Google, in this case is not my friend ! Plenty of adapters for the Leica lenses  with other mount  types,

but I cannot find any mention of a Leica L mount lens, to a Sony E mount Camera ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !



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I strongly suspect no-one makes one, and quite possibly never will.

Leica L has only 1-2mm more registration than e-mount which doesn't leave a lot of space for an adapter.

I've not got any L mount bits but I think it's also significantly wider than e-mount which almost certainly makes an adapter that focuses to infinity without optical elements impossible.

Google is showing you all the adapters there are ?

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