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Files recorded in 4K showing up as only MP4 files from Sony A7 iii


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Hi all

I'm a newbie to the forum.

First time using a Sony A7 camera in many years. I thought I'd set correctly to record in 4K, expecting to pull 4K recordings when I inserted my memory card into my Macbook.

Unfortunately, all I'm seeing is MP4 versions of the video I've recorded. I've also already done the right-click "show package contents" on the AVCHD file and the folders in the subsequent BDMV are showing nothing (I had read from another forum post that the high quality recordings should be in the STREAM folder, but this is also empty).

It's kinda driving me a bit nuts, tbh. Not sure if there is some setting on the A7 itself I've missed??

Would appreciate any help.

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