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Which lenses to keep and to return? A6400

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I’m new to photography and video. I want to shoot epic cinematic videos of the places I travel. I got the 6400 with the Sony 18-105 f4 and the sigma trio 16 30 and 56 all f1.4. Do I need all these? I also bought a dji ronin sc gimbal and a mavic air 2. And oh yeah gopro 9. Which of these lenses should o get rid of? Or should keep them? I’m keeping the 16 from sigma for sure but not sure if I need all the other ones. Advice needed to a newb lol

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How can anyone but you decide which lenses to keep? We don't know your budget, use cases, storage space, bag size, tolerance to carrying heavy stuff around, tolerance of spouse to your excessive spendings, etcetera etcetera.

If you really like that 16mm, you can sell everything else for all I care. Or keep it for you might one day find out you actually like 30mm and/or 56mm as well. Sell the 18-105, the Sigma primes are so much better! No wait, keep it: you might occasionally want to get some smooth zoom-action in your footage. It balances nicely on gimbals with that internal zoom as well. Heck, sell everything and buy the new Tamron 17-70 f/2.8 zoom. It's stabilised, just about covers your Sigms trio in terms of focal length and will likely be better optically than the 18-105. Darn, balancing that thing on your gimbal will be a pain...

Choices choices... Something every single forum member out here has to deal with.

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On 12/4/2020 at 8:17 PM, Travelvideoguy said:

I got the 6400 with the Sony 18-105 f4 and the sigma trio 16 30 and 56

Would definitely sell the 30mm, maybe even the 56 as well if you don't do portraits. How are the videos coming out? I know GoPro9 stabilization is super smooth, but a6400 with f1.4 Sigma can look mesmerizing with that delicious bokeh & superior low light performance, compared to GoPro.

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    • OSS (stabilized optics) and IBIS (stabilized sensor) work in conjunction so the combined stabilization will be better than either one separately. The difference isn't huge though: remember that if the combined stabilization is twice as effective, it's only one stop. So e.g. if both OSS and IBIS give 4 stops of stabilization, the combination might give up to 5 stops of stabilization (not 8). Each type of stabilization has its strengths and weaknesses though: OSS can't correct for roll motion but from personal experiece it's better for video than IBIS. OSS can also correct pitch and yaw motion better than IBIS, which is especially relevant for long tele lenses. When combined, you benefit from the strengths of each type of stabilization.
    • My a850 probably uses a different battery, but the "dynamics" are probably the same.  It's a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack. It states in the manual that when the light on the charger goes out, a "Normal charge is completed".  It goes on to states that one hour AFTER the led goes out, a "Full charge is completed". It goes on to state that a "Normal charge" for a "fully depleted" battery takes 175 minutes.  A "Full charge" takes 235 minutes. It does NOT state what percentage you will get from a "Normal charge".  I have to assume it is below 100%. Why the LED goes out before a "Full charge" is completed is a puzzler to be, but maybe you should read the fine print in your manual.  It very well may say the same thing as my manual -- in small print with an asterisk.  Assuming that you have a relatively new battery, try charging it until the LED goes out.  Then check the percentage.  I bet it will be below 100%.  Then charge it for another hour and see what you get. It may also be different if you are charging in the camera versus in a charger (my only option).
    • Try using the battery all the way down to around 15% charge or so. Then charge it back up and see if it gets to 100%.
    • Does the usage of stabilized lens (like Sony FE 24-70mm f2.8 GM) on stabilized body (like Sony a7c) give us double stabilization? Will it have an advantage over non stabilized lens (like Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG DN Art)?
    • This is happening for me as well. The indicator shows it is done charging but only charges to 94-95%. Hoping someone on here can help us.
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