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I have the Sony a7iii.  After taking a RAW shot, I would like to crop the image in-camera, to then transfer a JPEG of the cropped image to my phone (this way I don't have to crop the RAW image in software external to the camera).  I've reviewed the menu options but I'm not sure if this is possible.  Does someone know if this is possible?

Many thanks!

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1 hour ago, Pieter said:

As far as I know it's not possible. But it is totally possible to crop the JPEG in your phone. No RAW-editing or external soft-/hardware required whatsoever.

Yes, but then unfortunately you lose the resolution that the RAW file would have retained... Shame.

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32 minutes ago, Pieter said:

How is it any different from cropping in the RAW file? You're loosing resolution either way.

What I mean is if I crop the JPEG in my phone, the resulting cropped image appears quite pixelated.  If I zoom in on the RAW image on the LCD screen, I retain quite a bit of detail in the cropped image - but there's no way to save a version of that cropped image in the camera; from what I understand you have to export it first.  

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