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I hope this is the place to ask this.  If not, please disregard it.

I have been trying to use the Imagine Edge App with my A7RIII and it is so frustrating I have just stopped trying.
So, I've gone in search of a remote control.  Preferably a wireless one.  I've had my eye on the Sony RMT-P1BT Wireless Remote Commander
but the ratings on B&H are less than stellar.  I shoot outdoor photos almost exclusively and really need a reliable remote.  I'm hoping you folks can 
recommend the best remote control choice.
  Thanks in advance!



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While I use Imaging Edge and agree with you about it's quirks. For straight shutter release, the PocketWizard - and perhaps some on the far cheaper flash controller knockoffs - will work, but you are shooting blind. My primary remote use is pole photography, and the ability to see and control wirelessly on phone or tablet is critical when the camera is 20 feet above my head. Prior to Sony, I used Nikon with Camranger and that blows Imaging Edge out the water, but Camranger was not compatible with Sony. Unlike PocketWizard, you have full visual control of photo and video on a phone or tablet, plus the additional capability to control camera features (aperture, shutter, focus, etc) plus specialized techniques such as HDR simulation.

Enter Camranger II...now compatible with Sony. I haven't used it, but on my short list. Like PocketWizard, there are some cheaper alternatives, but the general consensus is that it is worth the extra $150 as this is a well established company with support, and other apps or devices have their own quirks.

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