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Solution - Unable to Connect Sony Imaging Edge Desktop Remote - online storage application - Dropbox, Backblaze, Backup and Sync from Google

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I’ve just spent half of the day trying to determine why I couldn’t get Sony Imaging Edge Desktop software to connect to my camera through my Mac. While there were hints as to what the issue might be, I wasn’t able to find a clear solution. With that in mind I thought I’d post this in the event someone runs into the same error in the future.

Sony’s Imaging Edge Desktop software, and the application Remote within that software allows one to connect their Sony Alpha series cameras - α7 III, α7R III, α9 -  to their computer so they can control the camera - shoot tethered - remotely through the computer. 

As long as there is online storage software running in the background of their machine, Sony Imaging Desktop will not allow the camera to be connected to the computer. Mac users will get the following error “The camera is not connected. Check the USB network connection. The camera may not be detected when another application is using the camera. Click here for more details.”

Disabling (quitting), Dropbox, Backup and Sync from Google, as well as Backblaze will allow the camera to connect to the Sony Imaging Remote software correctly.

While quitting Dropbox and Backup and Sync from Google is as simple as quitting the application, Backblaze is not as straightforward and I was only able to do so after connecting with Backblaze chat support. 

To quit Backblaze on a Mac first open the Backblaze preference pane from System Preferences. Under Settings select Schedule and set the Backup Schedule to “Only when I click <Backup Now>.” Then open Activity Monitor and sort the processes by name by clicking on Process Name at the top of the Activity Monitor screen. Scroll down until you see the activity process titled “bzmenu” “bzserv” or any additional “bz” activities. Select each and then select the “Stop” icon on the upper left of the Activity Monitor. Once you have quit all background Backblaze activities, as well as Dropbox and Backup and Sync from Google, you should then be able to connect your camera to Imaging Edge Desktop Remote software.

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