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ILCE 5100 screen switch off / on itself problem

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Politely asking if someone can help me with the problem. My camera (ILCE 5100) keeps of resetting display and switching off and on the lens. Especially when I try to zoom or focus the display screen switches off for a moment then switches back on and do it few times. Them the lens switches off and come up again. I tried different batteries, with and without the memory card. I even tried (and experienced the same problem) taking the lens off and trying just the body itself. It's running latest version of firmware which is 3.1. Can you please advice? The camera was off and not in use for about the year. I bought new battery but it did not help. It resets more when I try to zoom / focus using the body control on top right. When I try to zoom using lens I can do that but then it switches off and on the screen few times when I try to focus and shoot picture. I have the camera for 2 years and it was all OK. It's not settings as it's reset to factory settings and it gives the same on every program I use. Please help if you know what the problem could be. I searched internet clues but found nothing on similar problem. Thank you very much for even reading this. 

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Hi - thanks for the comment. No, nothing I tried sorted the problem. I spoke with SONY but what they charge for fixing is ridicolous. It's better to buy new camera. I still try to find solution but no luck so far. If you find anything please do let us all know. Thank you.

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