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High pitched sound on Slow-mo footage


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Hi all,


Just recently purchased a Sony Alpha 6600 Premium Mirrorless APS-C Camera with a Sony SEL50F18 E Mount - APS-C 50mm F1.8 Prime Lens and have been experiencing a problem when I slow down 100fps footage to 25fps (interpreting the footage in Premier Pro to give the slowmo effect). The footage has a high pitched sound over it which I assume is above human hearing range on the 100fps footage before I bring it to a slower frame rate where it then becomes audible.


Perhaps this is something I'm doing wrong or a fault but after sending this same video with this same fault description to Amazon they took it for repair and sent it back to me within the EXACT same second it had arrived at their depot having done absolutely nothing to it except damage the box :)


So before I return it for good I thought I'd check to see if it is just something I am simply doing wrong. I've attached a tiny video with the high pitched audio present. Any help would be massively appreciated.



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22 minutes ago, ShakeyX said:


Thanks for the reply.

Yes the sound is present in all environments and it is 100% not from the actual audio present when recording.

To exclude the camera's audio track, I suggest trying to record video with the sound turned off in the settings. You can also record video when an external microphone (any compatible one) is connected to the camera.

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3 hours ago, ShakeyX said:


Thanks for your reply again,

I've just recorded with the audio turned off inside the camera and brought it into premier, interpreted at 25fps and there was no sound present what so ever.

You should also try to connect an external microphone. If there is no noise, it means that it is the built-in microphones.

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  • 2 months later...

Back again with a brand new camera from a different supplier and, fresh out the box, it's the exact same problem. I've attached a video (crushed it to death so sorry about the video but it's the sound that's important)


You can even hear at the start of recording both times the sound isn't as audible (if at all) as it later becomes.


I'm currently waiting on an external mic for this cam so can of course test with the external (and imagine there will be no high pitched sound) but it can't be that I've got two separate cameras that both have the EXACT same fault? What are the chances?

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