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Help me it’s taking horrible photos

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I was messing with my girlfriends a6100 camera and I screwed it up I don’t know how t fix it. It focus on something and I go to snap the photo and it looks like I was slinging the camera around. 

help me please before I get chewed out.




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On 10/26/2020 at 3:01 AM, BobbyGibson96 said:

it looks like I was slinging the camera around.

No clue what that means, so no idea what you did. If you mean all blurred,  then maybe you just changed the shutter speed.

Own up. Maybe she knows the camera well enough to just fix whatever you did.


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      I have an Alpha 6100 plugged in with a dummy battery and connected to the computer via CamLink, I've tried connecting to Zoom and OBS at different times. It works great, but at some point it suddenly turns off and after a while it comes back on again by itself, both in Zoom and OBS. Sometimes it has recorded for almost 2 hours non stop with no problem and there was no difference in the setting.
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      Common troubleshooting answers below: these are the settings I have always, and am currently still using (I can't figure out anything I'm doing differently that could have caused this to start happening):
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      * Convert to DNG in Lightroom (I know this is debated, I'm not looking to get into it. This has always worked for me)
      * No my dial (raise/lower stops in increments) knob is not lowered by accident (though I've done that in the past many times)
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      * This exact thing happened to me about a year ago, and I ended up completely resetting all camera settings and it fixed the issue.... this time I would like to figure out what is happening to fix it properly instead of just reset everything
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