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Anyone get the Image Edge Webcam to work on a Mac?

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I got Google Chrome (hangouts, facebook, etc) and OBS to recognize it. No luck with Zoom, Discord, and Skype so far. The problem is getting apps to ask System Preferences to allow the Camera in Privacy. Unfortunately there's no way to force an app to do this it only asks you when opening/installing the app or it doesn't. 

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I was able to get my a6300 working with Zoom, though it doesn't work when I try to use it with Quicktime for a quick movie recording ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. It has been a little finicky (like just had a situation where it constantly showed "USB connecting" on the back of the camera).

Mac OS: 10.15.7
Zoom: 5.3.2 (53291.1011)

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Jogging the mode is *basically* required. I keep the camera hard-wired to my external monitor's USB. So each morning when I reconnect my laptop, I have to go to a Google Hangout (or app of choice) and connect to a meeting. From there, I just get the "Imaging Edge Webcam" logo as my picture. I then hit the center dial to choose a new mode, take it off of video (onto virtually any other setting), which gives me the camera view and then just switch back to video and all is good.

For reference, I'm running the a5100 w/ continuous power and USB connection to a Macbook Pro.

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