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Hi from  South Africa.

I am a wildlife and surfing photographer, based in the coastal town of Ballito. (Upper east coast of South Africa).

My wife and I were both formerly Canon shooters for 19 years, but we switched to Sony equipment in 2017.  

My wife specialises in video ( Sony HXR-NX 80), and up to now I have specialised in stills, but that is now changing with the delivery of my SonyA7Siii today! Woopwoopwoop!.😝

In 2017 the Sony A9i just blew me away with it's focus acquisition/tracking, and it's general performance, including its lightness, and comparative cost against my old Canon kit (1DX MKii / 5D MKiv / 7D MKii, and  200mm-400mm f4, and other white lenses)  It was Sony vs Canon , and the performance of the Sony A9i / Sony 70mm-200mm f2.8 GM +2xTC  just blew me away.  I confirmed totally, that it was a major inflection point in the world of modern photography.😲

The big test came on the Zambezi River (Namibian side), documenting the 2017 breeding season of the erratic-flying  Carmine Bee-eaters. On our return to SA, I immediately sent all my Canon equipment to our  main photographic dealer, with whom we have dealt for many years, and I replaced all my Canon gear with a second A9i body, 100mm-400mm GM , 24mm-70mm f2.8 GM,... But since those days, I have grown incrementally with all the Full Frame Alpha bodies to my present A9ii, A7Riv and, as from today, the A7Siii.

I have just traded in my magnificent Sony 400mm f2.8 GM .  *I have never been a great fan of long primes, and prefer the versatility of decent long zooms as they provide me with far more versatility for my kind of work, which is in the wilderness areas of sub-Saharan Africa, where we don't know what to expect around the next bush. 😉

My "go-to" rigs are 100mm-400mm GM +1.4xTC (Always), 200mm-600mm G, on a  Gimpro Gear - double Pano Head  (One for stills, and one for video) , on a Monopod,  and next to me, for wider shots, either the16mm-35mm f2.8 GM / 24mm-70mm f2.8 GM / 70mm-200mm f2.8 GM.  

This is my first post on this forum

Sony A7Riv / Sony 400mm f2.8 + 2x TC

Location: Okavango Delta (Botswana)


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    • I'm only talking about the Minolta lenses before MAXXUM -- so they were all manual focusing.  Only one -- the first -- was labelled "ROKKOR".  And you are correct, the last version was labelled "MINOLTA", but made made by Cosina.  The differences between the six versions are not huge -- such as changes to the inscription of the lens, changes to the lens coating, changes to the optical design, changes to the close-focusing ability, etc.  You can see the specs on each version at: http://www.subclub.org/minman/287035.htm But I've never heard of one with a wider filter thread.  That's not listed on this great Minolta lens list either: http://minolta.eazypix.de/lenses/ I would be very interested in seeing a picture of your 35-70mm ROKKOR with a wider filter thread.  You might have a really rare lens! Here's what I know about the only 35-70mm ROKKOR: FOCAL LENGTH: 35-70mm f-STOPS: 3.5-22 PERIOD: 1977-1981 INSCRIPTION: MINOLTA MD ZOOM ROKKOR-X 35-70mm 1:3.5 LENS MADE IN JAPAN DESIGN: 8/7 FILTER: 55 DIAPHRAGM: auto MC: yes MD: yes CLOSE FOCUS: 3.3' SIZE: 2.7"x2.6" WEIGHT: 12.9oz. A new lens to the Minolta line-up of SLR lenses in the MD Rokkor-X series. A two-touch, super-quality zoom that Leica liked so much they sold it as the Leitz Vario-Elmar R 35-70 f3.5. Its main limitation is its limited close-focusing ability. Since it is a two-touch zoom, it's not too convenient to use, but the quality makes up for its other deficiencies.
    • 6 versions of 35-70 ? Really ? Are you counting AF in the 6 ? I know of only 4 one of which was not even made by Minolta (the 3.5-4.8 version)  The first version of the 35-70mm F 3.5 (MD ZOOM ROKKOR (X)) had similar separate threads for its lens shade of about 62mm but like i mentioned, that shade won't fit on either the 40-80 nor the Shift CA. After revisiting them, this shade won't even fit a 62mm filter by about 1mm. So i guess this one is 63mm which is not a standard filter size. The shade thread diameter on both of my SHIFT CA ROKKOR's  are also close to 62mm but they appear to be closer to 64-65mm since they won't fit either on a 62mm filter but by a larger margin than the 35-70 shade. It also won't fit on a 67mm threaded lens being too small. So about 64-65mm here Finally, the shade for the 40-80 is 62mm since i can fit it to a 62mm filter.   So i guess what we have here is: -1-62mm (Zoom Rokkor 4-80) - 1 about 63mm MD ZOOM Rokkor) - 1 about 64-65mm (Shift CA Rokkor) My measuring tools are all in storage after i just moved so this is the closest i could get to compare all 3    
    • Minolta made six versions of 35-70mm zoom and all of them had only one filter thread -- 55mm -- unlike the 40-80mm zoom and the 35mm CA Shift lenses, which both had two front threads -- the inner one for filters and the outer one for the lens shade/hood.  On both, the filter thread was 55mm.  The shade thread on the 40-80mm is 62mm.  The question is what is the diameter of the shade thread of the 35mm CA Shift lens?  The photo (thank you) looks much wider than 62mm to my naked eye.
    • te rely but here we go.   This shade does have what appears to be 62mm threads but the same could apply to both the 40-80 zoom and the 35-70 F 3.5 MD Zoom Rokkor (1st version) but i own all 3 lenses and the shades of all of them can not fit on the other 2 lenses for a reason i can not understand. So your search should be on the actual original shade
    • This issue has caused me such a headache. I agree it is really mind boggling that Sony doesn't allow you to turn this setting off. I haven't had a chance to test yet but I believe this may be the solution: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh_gfEsFGtA
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